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Providing the complete spectrum of business advisory services to enterprises in Cumbria, through a team with many years of business experience.
Complete Business Support Solutions


If you’re running your own business, you know the challenges and you know the opportunities too. You know that it pays to learn from experts and to get advice and support as early as you can. The gaps in your knowledge could be about anything from business planning to raising finance, marketing to IT.

That’s what CBASS is all about – straightforward guidance, templates and online resources combined with access to expert consultants across a range of day-to-day business needs and services. We aim to be with you at every stage of your business. You might be a start-up or a successful organisation that wants to keep growing.

Complete Business Support Solutions
Business Start-Up Advice

Start-Up Advice

With business start-up advice, expert support and up-to-date resources from CBASS, you’ll have a whole team of small business specialists advising and helping you at every stage of the journey.
Business Funding Advice Cumbria

Start-Up Funding

If you need an initial investment to make your business idea happen, there are options and links on our start-up finance page. At CBASS, we’re connected into organisations such as banks, funding bodies and alternative lenders.
Business Marketing in Cumbria

Business Marketing

From day one, it’s important you adopt the best legal structure for your start up business. We have straightforward online information about your options as well as legal, financial and tax specialists.
Staff Development Consulting in Carlisle, Cumbria

Staff Development

CBASS provides a comprehensive range of staff training, development and employee engagement consultancy to help you build your business, your people and your team. It’s all about building your own and your team’s potential.
Business Consulting in Cumbria

Business Consulting

At CBASS, we have a network of expert business consultants in the background, many of them with sector and industry-specific experience that they’re keen to share with SMEs like yours. Take the first steps today with our shoal.
Staff Development Funding Support in Carlisle, Cumbria

Staff Development Funding

Get to know potential customers and find suppliers; our CBASS networks and events will give your new business exposure & build your confidence. We’ll also put you in touch and provide the context for productive networking.
Complete Business Support Solutions


Business owners can’t have all the knowledge and all the skills from the outset. CBASS aims to offer the combination of business advisory solutions that you need with clear resources online as well as access to expert business advice. We understand that having a business adviser on call can make all the difference.

We also work hard to put you in touch with other business owners who share your values. That might be through our networks, peer-to-peer support or networking. Some will be at a similar stage and sharing your business challenges; others will have tackled the same issues already and be in a place to mentor you through it.

To use our fish analogy, it’s hard to be a small fish in a big ocean but much easier (and safer) to be part of a bigger shoal.

Complete Business Support Solutions


The sea bass name and fishing analogies link to our background and expertise - matching a typical business story from start-up to successful SME, from small fry to big fish, from lonely swimmer to part of the shoal.