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Government grants for small businesses in the UK are in short supply. One area where money is still available is funding for staff training, upskilling and development. CBASS can help you to navigate these waters and signpost you to key sources of funding. Access to these monies and wise investment could make a great difference for your people and for your business.

Training grants for small businesses may cover vocational skills, management development or export knowledge or more. Recruitment of your ideal candidate is almost impossible these days, so it’s not just about attracting and nurturing talent. It’s also about maximising the potential of every one of your employees. That’s where a clear approach to training brings benefits.

CBASS will work with you to anticipate your staff development needs. Together, we will develop a training strategy and then explore the funding and grant options to tackle your priorities.

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CBASS is currently aware of several funding streams and grants that could support staff development costs in your Cumbrian business. But applying for grants in this ocean of small business funding and support schemes can be confusing and time consuming for business owners.

The experience of CBASS team members can save you significant amounts of time. We can help you avoid frustrations whatever type of business, product or service you operate. Raising the capability of your staff is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Choosing the right kind of business finance to support that staff development, preferably in your local area, is a smart move. This is especially true if you have reached the point of expanding.

Cumbria Business Growth Hub -

Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership -

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Carlisle College of Further Education -

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Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) -

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The Edge -

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Part of your business plan will cover working out what you want to achieve with your staff development strategy. Finding the right business loan or other funding and then implementing your plan can be a lot of work. You definitely want to save time and effort, avoid waste and get it right first time if you can.

So have a look at what’s available by following the links above, and then get in touch with CBASS. We will help you create an environment where your employees can thrive. Your business will soon have staff developing confidently in the open waters and coping with the rip tides of the business world. Staff who have been supported, learning to handle whatever the ocean environment throws at them, will appreciate your investment in training and will always be a valuable asset for your business.

CBASS business support specialists can help you to make staff development happen.