Business Networking Events

Growing Your Business Networks in Cumbria, the NW and Borders with CBASS

CBASS is all about bringing business people together to learn, to do business and to support each other. We organise business networking events online and face-to-face but we also aim to create and support events where our members and clients can learn together as well as networking and making new contacts as they’re learning.

If you can learn something new while also meeting people and creating new business networks and contacts, that’s a valuable use of your time and makes sense.

CBASS understands the power of supportive business networks.  We know that, if you’re going to give the time for a webinar or workshop, seminar or event, you need to know that the investment will be worthwhile. Don’t waste your time attending everything that’s out there but learn from CBASS to “fish where the fish are”.

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Our home county of Cumbria has a range of local business networking groups, from Cumbria Business Growth Hub, Cumbria LEP and Cumbria Chamber of Commerce to organisations like the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), BNI, LA23net and our very own Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) and Carlisle Ambassadors group.

CBASS advisors and consultants are actively involved in these, not only for their own businesses but also as organisers in some cases. From their first-hand experience, they can advise you on which will be most useful to you. That might be for networking to meet partners, collaborators, suppliers and customers or with more emphasis on meeting your specific business growth needs and exploring opportunities in new markets. If you need to “find your own shoal” of business fish, we can help.

But we know there is a gap in Cumbria’s business networking events and that’s where CBASS comes in.

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Events, whether online or face-to-face, are a time-efficient way of learning and developing your business. During 2020, we all learnt how to make online meetings as effective as possible and we appreciated the time savings of “zooming” rather than travelling to a venue.

CBASS wants to build on that experience with a regular programme of business webinars, podcasts and guided online workshops that will share business wisdom and also provide online networking opportunities.

This is a rolling programme of business networking meetings and it is constantly evolving. We’ve sessions coming up looking at tax, legal updates, financial planning, EU-Exit Transition and keeping your business fit and resilient.  Each one is led by a CBASS associate expert and you can plan ahead with our online calendar of events and business networking portal.

Please note that, while some of these events will be free, there may be a small change to cover the costs of running more specialist events.